Guys And Dolls in Paris

I felt very honored that morning when I found in my email box an invitation from la FNAC to watch the musical Guys And Dolls in the most beautiful theatre on the most beautiful avenue of the world : Le Théâtre Marigny, Champs-Elysees.

About the Musical Guys and Dolls

Although I have always been fond of popular musicals, I honesty had never heard about this one before. After some research on the internet, to know at least what it was about, I found out that Marlon Brando and Frank Sinatra played in the movie version in 1955. Created in 1950, the musical Guys and Dolls was a great critical and popular success with a total of 1200 representations and 5 Tony Awards wining back in 1951 (source : Théatre Marigny). The UK born dancer-choreographer Director, Stephen Mear, is mainly famous for his work on Mary Poppins and The Little Mermaid musicals. He created this version in 2017.

The synopsis

Forget about all the common love stories you may have seen in most musicals before. This has nothing to do with star-crossed-lovers, triangle love or love at first sight situations. Guys and Dolls brings together opposite universe that could never match in theory. Indeed, an addicted bettor meets a member of the equivalent of the Salvation Army and a dive owner dates a broadway singer. While humor is quite present, do not expect any drama, Guys and Dolls is not in this register.

What I thought of it

Even if the scenery was not very elaborated, it was constituted of light boxes at the back of the stage going up or down according to the scene, I was totally fascinated by the comedian performances. They could all dance perfectly, you could hardly notice a dancer better than the other on stage. Of course, the first role comedians showed high vocal performances. This was very impressive. From acrobatic to exotic, the choreographies were of high standard. They were spectacular all the way long. Actually, I was never bored as one can be sometimes when the show does not stick with your expectations. In fact, I never looked at my watch, whereas the show lasted 2h30. I was totally absorbed by the combination of the story and performance. Also, the costumes were in complete harmony with the show atmosphere : colorful, perfectly cut for each comedian, reflecting the time and place the story occurred in. They made the comedians credible in their roles.

Guy and Dolls is the perfect musical to watch with someone who is not keen on musicals as the performance is noticeable in any case. It is also perfect to watch with your best male friend or husband as it is not simpleton at all.